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Home First-Aid Kit: Part Two

first aid supplement Jul 15, 2023

Meet silver hydrosol: Argentyn 23.

I am home, pecking away at a computer, part human, part silver. Due to adventures in my local riparian habitat, I am coated with “badges of honor” from raw blisters due to axe and shovel use, a cut thumb from my Hori Hori knife, a nasty spider bite and a wee bit of solar overexposure. Top that off with some significant congestion from massive mold exposure, and you can see why I keep this particular home remedy around.

I was first introduced to silver as a healing agent while working as a medical student in burn units. Due to the unique nature of silver, it works as both an anti-infective that bacteria don’t develop a resistance to while also promoting healing and easing pain. All physicians recognize silver as one of our most potent tools in recovery. I have to assume that since it is not a drug, that fact keeps it from nearly universal penetration into our awareness as the first-line therapy for so many conditions.

The key to successful use of silver is a delivery system focused on nanoparticles for perfect absorption, distribution, and of course safety. The form of silver distributed by Natural Immunogenics presents so purely that you can give it intravenously! 

Natural Immunogenics manufactures Argentyn 23 in a NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified facility in America, and it is the most clean and bioavailable silver product available. Please keep all the forms of Argentyn 23 (and not other ineffective silver products— no I do not have relationship with the company) at home for days like I am having today!

Argentyn Gel: For burns, scrapes, blisters, cuts. I am going to tell you my approach: If I see redness, signs of infection, I start putting on the gel several times per day. If I have waited too long, I might start by putting it on every 10-15 minutes and watch the pain and redness go down and then go to every few hours as I remember.

Argentyn Spray: Especially for sunburns, covering larger scrapes, and for children who usually prefer you “don’t touch it!!!” Apply as per above gel recommendations.

Argentyn Nasal Spray: Excellent for acute sinus infections and acute irritation from smoke, allergens, and molds. Three sprays each nostril as often as you can remember, seriously. At least do every 1-2 hours.

All these treatments can lead to resolution of your injury/illness in a matter of days. No matter what, you can’t turn blue with this silver, you will only be “blue” if you don’t have it as part of your home first-aid kit!

Your Journey to Expedited Healing, 

Gary E. Foresman, MD

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