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We hope you enjoy the free e-guides developed for those interested in furthering their health education. Learn more about Dr. Foresman here.

About Dr. Foresman

Take a deep-dive into SAMe

Meet SAMe, Dr. Foresman's favorite supplement for alleviating the effects of depression. Click the cover of the e-guide to grab your copy now, and be sure to check out Dr. Foresman's Profound Mental Health course, coming soon!

The Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Relief Guide

Decades of patients interactions and research have informed this brief but potent guide to managing Seasonal Affective Disorder. Enjoy and share with your friends when the light cycles begin to shorten! Click the graphic to get your copy. 

Learn more about Dr. Foresman's

  Profound Mental Health course 

The beginning of optimal mental health is well-cared for overall health! That's the first layer of Profound Mental Health, the course designed by Dr. Foresman to help people understand the basis of excellent mental health, even in the face of depression, anxiety, and the burnout faced by most people since the onset of the pandemic. 

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